Welcome to WSM Smoke Day 18 - May 28, 2022

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Going to smoke a porterhouse on the 14.5.........
Now THAT's a idea I like! I'll probably also throw on a bunch of sausages (to freeze for later) and some stuffed jalapenos. It all depends on who else might come over or what we might take to the Memorial Day party.
I'll go for some BabyBack Ribs on the WSM.
In fact it's also the International Burger Day so I'll try to prepare some smashed burgers as well maybe for lunch.
Weather forecast is a bit odd for tomorrow so I guess I'll have to fight wind/storms and rain, too.
I'm sure I posted something here.
Maybe different thread about same subject. Going to have to browse to find it, or blame cyber space :unsure:
It was at "invitation to smoke day".
Copied it here below as seems more appropriate

I better start freezer diving as smoke day is only a couple hours away.
No shops around. And will only get to town on Monday (that's a 4 hour one-way trip).
So, I think chicken... Maybe lemongrass-turmeric chicken on the spit. Drip pan spicy pumpkin?
And rice. Or flat bread. Or
What have I done! :)

No tri-tips at Costco, so brought home a 11lbs brisket instead. Can and t-shirt for scale:
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If I'm looking to serve around 6PM tomorrow, I need about what, 14 hours for cooking & resting?
14 hours for 11 lb brisket might be a bit conservative (more time than needed) depending on the temperature you want to run and if you want to foil wrap/vs boat, etc.. 225F, 14 hours might be about right. If you want to finish a little sooner, nothing wrong with runnign the cooker at 275F. My philosophy is to always allow more time vs. less. A brisket or a but will stay hot for a long time (several hours) while resting in a cooler.
Anne M. - wonderful view!

@ 2:30AM we're off to the races with much less scenic surroundings.

John K BBQ - Thanks. You're probably right on the time but I'm really trying to go LnS on this one after my corned beef over St. Patrick's. Ran that one too HnQ (Hot n Quick) and as a result it was too tough.
Yeah, can't complain about the view. Even better now with a g&t on the bar ;)

I've only now lit the fire.
Chicken won't take too long.

@Andy Linn : wsm today.
I was doubting between the hilbilly weber kettle and the wsm. But since it is wsm smoke day, I got no choice :)
I wonder if anybody (besides Chris ;) ) has all 18 shirts...?

That would be an awesome collection!
Smoking a bone-in pork rib roast. Dry brined overnight with kosher salt. Rubbed with Frag Out rub and added some honey. My first time using the snake method, and so far so good. Had to add another row to the briquettes when ambient temp stalled too low. Now hovering around 199 to 201. Had a bit of a downpour, and snapped some photos of that.


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Chris suggested we post our cooks in new threads, so I moved mine here:

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Think I’ll participate- but I’m doing ribs for dinner so I’ve still got 3 hrs before I start! Pictures to follow.
Well, I let the day get ahead of me so I’m cooking chicken wings on the kettle and sausage and corn on the EX6, the ribs will have to wait till tomorrow…

I did complete a mod on the WSM though! Just need to wipe her down and she’ll be ready in the AM.


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