Weber Q Model Comparison Chart

I have spoken with customer service at Weber and they have confirmed that there are three differences between the Q300 and the Q320. 1) the ignition system is different...piezo in the 300 and electronic in the 320. Per the rep I spoke with, the piezo is more reliable. 2) the actual cooking area is the same in both, but the specs include the warming rack which is standard on the 320, and which can be purchased later as an option for the 300. 3) there is a handle mounted LED light on the 320, and none on the 300. This is also available as an accessory for the 300. The rep I spoke with favored the Q300 because of the piezo ignition, and pointed out that if one wanted the warming rack or the light, that they could easily be added later.
As far as I know the Weber q320 is the largest of the three. The only difference is the size I think. To my knowledge they are all portable as well, you just have to buy the stand for the Q100 and Q200.
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I have been looking into the Q series that Weber do and I know that the Weber Q100 is the smallest and does not have the fold away side tables where as the Weber Q120 does. Apart from that they are the same grill.
Hi all,

Does anyone know the changes made in these new 1000/2000/3000 models? Anything significant besides cosmetic differences?
I wrote about it in the q section. all the grates now come in 2 pieces. the grates really show a thick coating of porcelain. and finally they are now designed to take both styles of gas canisters.
I know this is an old thread, but could you update the chart to show the size of the grills when they're folded up? I want to know how small they get for packing away.

You could add a row to the chart:
Dimensions - Lid Closed, Tables In


Those dimensions are lifted from and they don't list "Lid Closed, Tables In" dimensions. Would have to make a trip to a well-stocked Weber dealer to take the measurements from each grill...or have owners take the measurements and post them here.

Any volunteers? I will update the chart if folks post the dimensions.

Needed: Width of Q1200, Q2000, Q2200, and Q3200 with tables stowed under the lid.

I assume for the first three, the dimensions are similar if not identical to the non-table models.
I have a Q300 and a Q200 I could give you dimensions on. Not sure how much different they would be than the 3200 and 2000/2200 though.
This afternoon I passed-by a Costa Rican Weber Authorized Dealership which had the following Weber Models on display and I took the folllowing measurements with the Table stowed under the lid for the WeberQ 1200 and for the WeberQ3200 with the tables folded-down:

WeberQ 1200 width=26 1/2"(includes the turn-on knob)

WeberQ 3200 width= 38"(includes the stationary bracket-knob extension on each side where both tables sits)

They had no WeberQ 2200 on Display.
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Thanks Richard. I've added those two dimensions to the chart. If someone can provide for the 2000/2200, I'll add it, too.
Can the piezo be retrofitted from 3200 to 3000 ?...not that anybody would want to do that.
One way to get the the 3200 electronic igniter to last longer is to use a Lithium battery, that way it won't leak.
I had other grills with Alkaline batteries, they eventually leak and corode the electronic igniter.
I believe the piezo can be retrofitted between any of the Q3xxx grills. I would never replace the electronic ignition with another electronic one. The piezo works just as good and doesn't die after a couple years and doesn't run out of battery power.

The biggest issue I see with them isn't the battery leaking, but rather water and moisture getting in them. I have found a couple with battery leaks, but my guess is that many times, they probably died long before due to moisture and the owner simply left the battery in it until it finally started leaking.
Hi, I have a Q3200 grill and cart that I got for free. It needs a good cleaning, new cooking surface, ignition and burner tubes. I could spent between $100 and $200 US to rebuild this grill.

The Q3200 is big and takes up about the same amount of space as a Genesis/Spirit 2 burner.

What is the appeal of a Q3200 to a Weber enthusiast?
Can it be converted to a full surface flat top/griddle or would there be air flow problems?

Thank you
My guess is that your burner tubes just need cleaning. But even if they need replacing, you are looking at $25 there. $50 for the cooking grates and the igniter should be around $20 or so. So, a full make over would be about $100.

You could use a griddle on the Q, but like any gas grill, you would want to make sure it didn't cover the entire cooking surface. I have a rectangular aluminum griddle I use on my Q100 for camping.

The Q grills are very easy to take care of and maintain. They are low maintenance with the all aluminum/plastic parts which eliminates the rust problem on most other grills. They are also very capable grilling machines.
+1 I really like my 3xx same as a 3xxx. Definitely more versatile than the smaller versions and thanks to it's shape and folding trays relatively small footprint vs actual cooking space. I am in the same boat. Have a free one I got last year sitting on my deck. Needs cleaning, ignitor and grates. It will be my deck quick cooker compared to the one in my garage. I am still debating what to do for a grate set since it will set outside all the time. Hoping for a proper stainless steel version