Weber Q Model Comparison Chart


Kent Perry

Has anyone done the work to break down the differences between the various Weber Q models - I mean the gas version, not the charcoal and electric ones. What is the difference between a Q1xx, a Q2xx and a Q3xx? and between a Qx00 and a Qx20?

Inquiring minds want to know!
Without going to the spec sites, I believe the difference between the 1, 2 and 3 series is the size (the Char Q is the same size as the 200 series - I don't know about the electric model - I think it is smaller - the same size as the 100 series). The x20 versus the x00 is, I believe, that the x20 series come with thermometers built in.

I'll check out the Australian site - wish we could get all the stuff here that some Weber customers overseas are able to get - especially the colors.

I just put all of the US Q specs in a table...


Note from Moderator 1/30/2018: The link to the original table created by Mark R-S broke, so I created a new table to replace it. Feel free to save the image to your device or computer so you can view it full size.

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Thanks Mark,

But shouldn't the 20lb LP tank be listed as 'optional' on the Q100, Q120, Q200, Q220?
But shouldn't the 20lb LP tank be listed as 'optional' on the Q100, Q120, Q200, Q220?

Thanks, Jon. I agree with you - The same thing occurred to me just after I posted. I'll update the table.


This table is fantastic. Thank you.

My back of the envelope calculations:

Q1xx is slightly larger than a Smokey Joe in cooking size

Q2xx is about the size of an 18.5 cooker

Q3xx is about the size of a 22.5 cook surface.
I just updated the table in the original post to include pictures and BTU/square inch.

It's excellent to hear that the table will be useful. I make tables for everything. When I had to choose a company car I made a table to compare 600 models

If there's any interest I could do the same for the Genesis and Spirit series.

Nice work Mark.

I found side tables for my Q-100 at the Weber site. You may want to add this as an "optional" feature.

Originally posted by JRPfeff:
Nice work Mark.

I found side tables for my Q-100 at the Weber site. You may want to add this as an "optional" feature.


Thanks, Jim. I just updated the table.

I was looking on the Weber site ! And according to there site the Q 300 has a smaller cooking area than the Q 320 ? Going by the above chart there the same EXCEPT for the igniter one the Q 300 is a piezo and the Q320 is battery opperated ! Am I missing somthing here ?
The 320 includes a warming rack, whereas the 300 doesn't - It can be purchased as an accessory for the 300.

The difference in cooking areas must be due to Weber counting the area of the warming rack for the 320. I'll add this info to the table.

The only differences betweek the Q300 and Q320 are that the 320 has electronic ignition, a warming rack, and a light on the handle. If there isn't much difference in price I'd go for the 320 (actually, I do have a 320!).

Originally posted by Jim Goddard:
Would the weight of the portables be useful...?

Couldn't find that information on the weber site...

That's a good question, and would be good to know for the portables. I checked a couple of Weber's internatonal sites and didn't find this information (they sometimes have more/different information on different regional sites).

Perhaps somebody who owns a Q100/120/200/220 could weigh it and then I can add the information to the chart.


I contacted Weber about the weights, and this is the reply I received:

Thank you for your e-mail. The Q100 weighs 29.2lbs, the Q120 weighs 30.6lbs, the Q200 weighs 42.1lbs and the Q220 weighs 45.1lbs. I will also recommend to my superiors that this information be added to our website.

I'll add this information to the chart.

Thanks guys. The info herein is a great resource. I have been thinking about a Q model to add some variety to my growing Weber collection (WSM 18, Kettle 26, SJS)

I have noticed two different Q220 models available, Weber 566001 Q220 and Weber 566002 Q220. Anyone have ideas on functional differences between the two? I found them at different prices (the -002 model is about $40 more) so I am curious about what the differences could be.