Weber Performer Mod for fan



TRAIL RUN..... Gas assist Fan set up.

Using 1 inch tubing

Ran the unit @ 225 for 3hr then @300 for 2 hrs and @375 to burn off the cook.

The burner tube adapter got no hotter then 65f.

Pretty happy with the results on this set up.

I didn't this to avoid drilling into my weber and I want to dual purpose the burner tube.



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Interesting , keep us updated as you do more cooks with it. Nice to see if you are still happy in a couple months from now. Also show us any changes,mods ti the system and why. This could be a very useful tool to have.
A full parts list with photos would be nice to.
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I'm pretty sure.. I'm happy now.. I swapped hoses.. the black tube above is 1 inch round and was not thst flexible. When it got stiff it was hard to move. I had an extra vacuum hose. It was 1 1/4.. it fit perfectly on the 1 inch tube connected with the barb right20230408_183608.jpg angle.. I'm going to do a write up soon..


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Not to be a wrench in the works but, what is your desired result with all this? I’m seeing a bunch of cutting and drilling but, no idea of the “why and wherefore“. Extra points if you get the reference.
I'm bored.. I like to redneck stuff... I'm trying to run my kettle as hands off as possible and love tech...I got a 8 year old that keeps me on my toes..and want to make smoking on my kettle effortless. Little effort up front pays off on my end