Weber Kettle table

Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
I had one years ago it was okay. but really not big enough. Much prefer the size of the performer table. It would be great for holding a sending unit for a remote thermometer though.

Dan Leighton

I had one of these as well and as Rich said it was kinda small. I always had slippage issues with the clamp on the leg, especially if you put heavy jars of condos on it. I also had the larger side table which had two adjustable legs. Similar issues and didn't seem all that stable either. On the plus side, it worked great for leveling on uneven ground.


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I have one. It's been in the garage for years because Im too lazy to install & un-install it when I put my cover back on. That, plus my kettle has been my smoker (firebrick method): The shelf mounting bracket hooks over the lip of the kettle, causing air leaks.
It worked ok but like others have said, it's a little small.

Jon Tofte

TVWBB Honor Circle
I have one, too, also still in the box that I got as part of a trade. I have never tried it, but I will some day. I think a kettle person would readily pay that price just for the table. The grill is not exceptional, but it is a classic, made in USA Weber Kettle.

Bill - MO

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If that were closer to me and that side table were in good shape with the box I would easily pay that just for the table. They aren't amazing really for general usage. You will probably only ever use it to lay a plate/pan when you are loading and unloading the grill or just needing a place to sit your beer/thermometer. They look really nice on the older/color kettles and are handy if an actual table isn't practical.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
I got one with a kettle I’m planning on using for the pizzaque, I had to tweak it a bit, mine is a pretty heavily used unit but still solid. Yep, it’s a beer stand for the most part.