Weber Genesis Restoration Experts... Need some input

Finished up the Genesis Restoration project over the weekend, and made final delivery to the end-user last night (my neighbor, who saw my Genesis redhead and asked me to refinish one for her).

A few more progress pics...

Here is the frame after paint getting ready for reassembly.


I'm a big believer in fluid film, so I fluid filmed the inside of the frame from every frame opening to fight off any future rust from the inside.


I also greased the wheel spindles, as well as the contact points where the basket sits in the bottom rack of the frame, to avoid damaging the new paint job.


The shop supervisor - our golden girl - Olympia


Getting the cook box installed and then the new burner tubes.

PXL_20230803_222225663.jpg PXL_20230803_224918002.jpg

And finally.... the finished product.


Although I think it turned out great, the black porcelain lid still had some slight fade to it (slightly visible in this pic below) even after a ton of scrubbing with 0000 steel wool and simple green, but I figured we could just chalk that up to a patina - it adds character!!



Because it was a budget conscious restoration and my neighbor was trying to save some money, I reused the smaller top rack and warming basket from some other parts grills I had laying around. Turns out after finishing the project though I have enough Amazon points to cover the cost of at least the smaller top rack, so going to be ordering her a new one of those as an after-delivery surprise.


Testing showed that everything was working as planned!


For the most part I think it turned out great and shew was extremely happy with it. Happy to have finished another one and now searching for my next project.

Had to get a shot with my own redhead...


Thanks for reading and happy grilling everyone!!!