genesis silver

  1. J Grotz

    Blue lid Genesis Silver A in San Diego It's only a 2 burner, but that blue lid alone might be worth $60.
  2. A

    How much do you think I should list this on for?

    How much do you think I should list this one for? Looking for a ballpark number on this Genesis Silver B. I have a Spirit 310 NG, and don't need this one. But somebody in the neighborhood put it out for trash and it hurt my heart. The grates and flavorizer bars look new, I replaced the...
  3. M

    2004 Genesis Silver - unknown modification - help identify?

    Hello folks - I just picked up this 2004 genesis silver for pretty cheap from a local thrift store. I am trying to figure out the purpose of this red knob that was attached. It doesn't appear to be connected to anything and I can pull it straight out. Any ideas? Conversion kit? Kids play knob...
  4. J

    For Sale: Vintage Rebuilt Weber Genesis Silver C 8128

    [/IMG]file:///C:/Users/jdrago2/Pictures/2017-09/IMG_0278.JPG [/IMG]file:///C:/Users/jdrago2/Pictures/2017-09/IMG_0279.JPG [/IMG]file:///C:/Users/jdrago2/Pictures/2017-09/IMG_0280.JPG file:///C:/Users/jdrago2/Pictures/2017-09/IMG_0281.JPG
  5. JJackson

    GrillGrates on Gassers

    Question for those of you with older Weber gassers and/or GrillGrates (I myself have a Spirit 700 and Genesis Silver B, both using same size grates): Which direction is best for running the grates? I need to replace the current grates (one side is now gone and I can’t sit GGs on top), and...
  6. J

    Weber Blackhead Rehab HELP!!!!!!!

    Hello and thank you for your time. I moved into a house in ann arbor and found this weber in the garage my landlord said i could have. i've only owned one gas grill in my entire life and it doesnt compare at all to a weber. i really have no idea where to begin on making this thing sweet but i...
  7. E

    Found a Genesis silver P what's a decent price?

    Hey guys, Stumbled upon this Genesis Silver P, 2004. They want $100 for it. Is this a decent price? What makes it a P?