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  1. T

    Weber Genesis Restoration Experts... Need some input

    Hey guys, so I'm in the process of restoring a couple of early 2000s Genesis Silver Grills, and have 1 of 2 completely disassembled to the frame. It wasn't until I was at the end of my disassembly that I realized the metal grates/basket on the bottom are actually welded to the grill. So, in my...
  2. M

    Weber Genesis Silver C Ignitor?

    Hello again! I need help identifying a part of my grill that's started to disintegrated within the firebox. I've watched a video that identified it as stainless steel, so it doesn't last long under high temps. What I want to know is whether I should replace it if it's not giving me any...
  3. J

    Genesis Silver B - First Restoration

    Hello all - Just want to first thank everyone here for all the great advice, photos, videos etc. I'm a new member and have replaced basic parts like flavor bars, burner tubes in the past but decided to try and go further this time (after seeing current prices of new Webers - yikes!!) plus I love...
  4. J Grotz

    Blue lid Genesis Silver A in San Diego It's only a 2 burner, but that blue lid alone might be worth $60.
  5. A

    How much do you think I should list this on for?

    How much do you think I should list this one for? Looking for a ballpark number on this Genesis Silver B. I have a Spirit 310 NG, and don't need this one. But somebody in the neighborhood put it out for trash and it hurt my heart. The grates and flavorizer bars look new, I replaced the...
  6. M

    2004 Genesis Silver - unknown modification - help identify?

    Hello folks - I just picked up this 2004 genesis silver for pretty cheap from a local thrift store. I am trying to figure out the purpose of this red knob that was attached. It doesn't appear to be connected to anything and I can pull it straight out. Any ideas? Conversion kit? Kids play knob...
  7. J

    For Sale: Vintage Rebuilt Weber Genesis Silver C 8128

    [/IMG]file:///C:/Users/jdrago2/Pictures/2017-09/IMG_0278.JPG [/IMG]file:///C:/Users/jdrago2/Pictures/2017-09/IMG_0279.JPG [/IMG]file:///C:/Users/jdrago2/Pictures/2017-09/IMG_0280.JPG file:///C:/Users/jdrago2/Pictures/2017-09/IMG_0281.JPG
  8. JJackson

    GrillGrates on Gassers

    Question for those of you with older Weber gassers and/or GrillGrates (I myself have a Spirit 700 and Genesis Silver B, both using same size grates): Which direction is best for running the grates? I need to replace the current grates (one side is now gone and I can’t sit GGs on top), and...
  9. J

    Weber Blackhead Rehab HELP!!!!!!!

    Hello and thank you for your time. I moved into a house in ann arbor and found this weber in the garage my landlord said i could have. i've only owned one gas grill in my entire life and it doesnt compare at all to a weber. i really have no idea where to begin on making this thing sweet but i...
  10. E

    Found a Genesis silver P what's a decent price?

    Hey guys, Stumbled upon this Genesis Silver P, 2004. They want $100 for it. Is this a decent price? What makes it a P?