1. T

    Weber Genesis Restoration Experts... Need some input

    Hey guys, so I'm in the process of restoring a couple of early 2000s Genesis Silver Grills, and have 1 of 2 completely disassembled to the frame. It wasn't until I was at the end of my disassembly that I realized the metal grates/basket on the bottom are actually welded to the grill. So, in my...
  2. Bruce

    HOW TO: Paint a Weber Genesis Frame

    WHAT: This HOW TO will show you how I paint my Genesis grill frames. This does not cover prepping the frames or anything like that. That is a whole other discussion. I am just showing you the method I use to actually paint the frames. WHY: I have painted approximately 100 Genesis frames...
  3. Joe - SmokinJoe

    Paint tips needed

    I'm painting my Mini and have just put the primer coats on and I'm about to apply the color. My question is how long after I apply the color can I remove the the stencils. Also How long should I wait to apply the clear coat. I'm using VHT Primer, Color and Clear coat. Thanks for the help Joe