Weber Gen 1 Performer with mods.

J Grotz

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So he replaced all the frame hardware with SS, but did not repaint the frame to get rid of the rust? Only half the exterior is pictured. No interior pics. It's been listed for 10 days. He/she seems like many sellers here in SoCal that list their grills at obnoxious prices and then renew the CL listing for months on end. Obviously, they do not really want to sell their grills.

Jon Tofte

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That's a cool item for someone with $ to spare. He took a modern Crate and Barrel version Performer and married it with an original SS Performer. I like his use of quality hardware. And he he seems to have the 5lb tank working. They are expensive to replace.

Brian B Atlanta

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If I did not have one would probably make an offer for $275 which I am not sure they would take. J, I get what your are saying about not painting the frame kind of silly but love the crate and barrel green.

But you need to remember what they have done that costs money. As Jon pointed out that is the proper tank with the triangle valve so if they did not get it certified and I am just guessing they did say they did that is worth 40-50 bucks by itself would love to have the 5 lb instead of the 1 lb on mine but even the 1 lb goes pretty far.

Stainless Steel Weber Grate, burner tube and igniter assembly and ash sweeps replaced has the Weber baskets did not mention or I missed it when those were replaced. Those stainless steel performers are very sought after cause of the stainless table sounds like all the hardware has been replaced with Stainless also.

I noticed this before they put it on Craigs list they had mentioned it and said they were going to list it on Craig's list on the WKC forum. I think they are asking to much but its going to sell. What the price is really don't know its a guess.