Vortex in the 26 Kettle ?


Lynn Dollar

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I've put my medium size vortex that I've been using in my 22 Kettle, into the 26. I like the results. I've done chicken wings, breasts , and thighs. I use the same amount of charcoal as in the 22, which is a Weber chimney full. Mostly its lump, but sometimes lump mixed with briquettes.

I doubt it gets as hot as in the 22, because there's more space to heat. But I can't argue with having the extra cooking space and the results.

Anyone else done this and have thoughts on the comparison between the 22 ?

Dustin Dorsey

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My wife accidentally got me the small instead of the medium for my 22. I haven't used it in ages. I think it'd be interesting to do side by side with baskets. I bet you get some radiant heat from the surface of the vortex. When I used it, it was the closest I've gotten to crispy skin on a grill.


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I've got the med size. I love it in the 26". I've never had any issues. I've also got the Slow N sear for the 22 that I use in the 26" and it works great


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As Pat G said before the 26R likes to eat charcoal. Lynn I usually use my SS performer with the medium Vortex and it pegs the lid thermometer and then some. When I’m cooking on the 26R I use a full chimney but add one layer of unlit coals to the bottom of the vortex before I pour them in. I let it sit for a few minutes and then get the party started. It hasn’t pinned the thermometer yet. Iv been using Kingsford Pro lately. Here is a pic of my last endeavor chicken wings, chicken thighs, jalapeño poppers and bacon wrapped meatballs.
As you can see I wouldn’t have been able to do this cook on the 22”performer.


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Lynn Dollar

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I put some breasts and a couple thighs on the 26 with the vortex this evening. I also put a digital probe at grate level, pretty near the dome gauge. I used a full chimney of B&B oak briquettes. The dome gauge got up to 570* while the digital was at 460*. Air really cools after it circulates back down.



Kyle in Woodstock

I use my medium vortex on the 26". When I've got the grate loaded up with a ton of wings I have to add more charcoal during the cook. First time I did this I was shocked that my charcoal ran out.....takes a lot of coal to heat up the big 26".

If you are doing a normal amount of wings then it takes about same amount as a 22" cook.