Tri Tip Tacos

The beef looks great like always...good stuff!
Is the meatloaf stuffed???? What did we do to it?
The Meatloaf is a modified version of Hey Grill Hey. We add about 1/3rd pound of Italian Sausage to the 2 LBS of hamburger. We use Jack Cheese, however we shred it and mix it into the meatloaf in addition to making the center "lava" layer. Her recipe calls for four hours on the smoker at 225, and that's what I did, but I think I would probably bump the pit temp up to 250 and plan for a shorter amount of time. This one was cooked to 165 IT, I think I'd probably on go to 155 IT next time. For the rub, I used Jack Daniels Beef Rub, and I was generous with the Jack Daniels in the glaze sauce

Link to the recipe, plus it's printed and attached

Her Youtube video of Jack'd Up Meatloaf

If you like meatloaf, I'm sure you'll like this cook


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Sounds really good too Chuck................I see everyone smoke the meatloaf not in a pan......and I get it.....more surface area, more crust ect.....
But.......I have done them with smoke in a pan for poops and giggles. It still gets some smoke flavour but also the fats from the meat really stick around. I don't know how much of the fat content dripped from yours but I do know how juicy and tasty it was when I did it in the pan.
Also I live with the MRS......she enjoys the bbq and some mild smoke cooks. Heavy smoke doesn't go over as well. Also why I use peach wood a lot.
If you haven't tried it, it is fairly mild and I am sure there are a ton of others similar I have no idea about.
tacos look great! - love the tri tip -so versatile - Loaf is looking good as well - getting close to the time that you need to start thinking about planning the retirement party! 🥳👯‍♂️