Tonka shiners


russ olin

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I'm week late doing my smoke day. Was up camping last week & fire restrictions came out up in the forest already. So I could not do what I had planned.
So, were doing it today at home.
Here's me modeling my great new t-shirt. I thought it was a cool design this year.
How do I look? Like a survivor baby :>) A direct quote from the Kevin Costner & Anthony Quinn movie REVENGE.

Tonka ribs seasoned & ready to go on the Good One Smoker

On the smoker 2 hours, just spritzed
Bison ribs 6 hours in. Cabbage with Bobs bacon done. Potato done

Plated picture. Nice smoke ring

Wow my first time eating or preparing Buffalo ribs. Outstanding flavor & very tender.
Believe it or not, not as strong as beef ribs. A very mellow meat flavor.
I have another rack to do in a couple of days as they come 2 to a pack. Not a problem. Very good protein.
We got this bison from Nebraska Bison. We also tried their burgers, hot dogs & sausage. So far it is all guud.
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Looks good from here. I hear a lot of good things about bison. I’d eat that for sure. Great looking backyard!!
Nice ribs, Russ!

I wonder if Nebraska Bison is a 100% grass operation or if grain/corn are somewhere in the process to somewhat conventionalize the flavor.