To flip or not to flip

Kyle Ss

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I have been trying to not foil ribs last few cooks. I’ve noticed that especially with baby backs, without foiling the fat at the top or just below doesn’t always render out as well. Then I started thinking flipping the ribs could maybe help with that and get some more heat and render out fat better and maybe get some char. So I was curious if anyone flips ribs during cooks.


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I don't because I don't want to disturb the bark and the look on that topside. Also, I doubt it makes any difference in the cooking.

Dustin Dorsey

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What are you cooking the ribs on? WSM? I think flipping them might work. I'd wait til the bark seems set on the ribs, if that's possible. I haven't known baby backs to be all that fatty. You might try trimming the surface fat.


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I flip & rotate depending on my fire. What temp you cooking at?
Fat renders better for ribs at higher heat like 275-300+ IMO.


Robert McGee

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I use rib racks in both my 14.5" and 18" WSM. That is simply because I want my ribs to be evenly cooked and that is what I get when using a rib rack (with the racks of ribs cut in half). I always wrap my ribs to finish. I mostly cook loin backs from Costco simply because they offer the meatiest loin backs I can get. I do not need to flip when using the rib racks.


RD Hauch

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I flip and rotate often until I get the desired char and then I put them in a pan with water, cover with foil and cook indirect till the meat pulls clean off the bone.