To baste or not to baste.....that is the question?


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I like to baste turkeys.
I always baste turkeys.
Helps with the color and skin.
If it's wrong? I don't care.



As with all things bbq, there is no right or wrong. Do what feels good. I have never thought basting, or spritzing for that matter, does anything for the moistness of the meat but as mentioned above, it does have an impact on color. I don't do it much but sometimes I just can't help it.


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You should consider the turkey you are cooking. Many, such as Butterball are pre-basted and basting them might even be counter productive.

I have a butterball 12# and my plans are to simply coat it with a bit of Olive oil before I start it spinning on the rotisserie in my Genesis 1000. Oh, and I will be using a bit of apple wood for smoke.