Thursday is Last Day to Ask Questions

Slap Yo Daddy BBQ Classes

Bob Correll

R.I.P. 3/31/2022
Thanks for setting this up Chris, and a big thanks to Harry!

I think some new members joined because of the session, hopefully they will stick around.

Tony C.

TVWBB Wizard
i hope harry decides to stick around and post here from time to time. he seems to be a very likeable guy.

Pat Smith

TVWBB Wizard
Not taking anything away from the other Q&A "pros", but Harry's Q&A has been dead on point and incredibly informative. Harry, please do stick around and chime in when you can.

And if you ever come back to this area to cook again, I'll wash your dishes just for the opportunity to watch you cook.


Gary H. NJ

TVWBB Platinum Member
Thanks Chris for arranging our own personal Harry Forum. And thanks much to Harry for his kindness, generosity and BBQ passion.

Harry Soo

Glad everyone enjoyed my short stay on the Q&A thread. Hope everyone learned some of our Slap Yo Daddy BBQ secrets. Remember the first time, it's a secret, the second time on it becomes your technique. Pass it along and don't hold onto it as if we all get better, the BBQ world gets better. Don't be afraid to share because your giving will come back in abundance to you. Our team is testimony of BBQ karma. You only get what you put in.