Throwdown #39: Pizza Battle Redux


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Congratulations to Barb D for winning Throwdown #38: Show Us Some Love! Her Canadian Bacon & Egg McBarb using homemade Canadian bacon smoked on a Smokey Joe Mini WSM was voted Best in Show!

It's now time to reveal our next Throwdown topic:

Pizza Battle Redux

This will be our first repeat throwdown challenge (we featured pizza in Throwdown #7 way back in July 2012).

Show us your best pizza baked on a grill or smoker, prepared directly on the grate or using your favorite equipment like a pizza stone, pizza steel, cast iron pan, or add-ons like KettlePizza. We're hoping for MAXIMUM PARTICIPATION, so please don't hesitate to share your entry in this throwdown!

The throwdown will run until Sunday, April 23 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Good luck everyone!

P.S. Remember, don't be intimidated! This isn't a barbecue competition, it's just for fun and friendship! Try it, you'll like it! And make sure to see the simple throwdown rules.

P.S.S. Remember, only 10 photos for each entry! Photo collages (multiple photos grouped into a single file) are OK, but each photo in the collage counts towards the 10 photo limit.
Sunday Night is Pizza Night

Not sure if this is how to post to the throwdown but tonight we cooked a couple of pizzas on our Weber Kettle. A cheese pizza for the kids and a supreme for us. Ours had Italian sausage, pepperoni, red onions, black olives and green and red peppers. It was truly a team effort. Started off by making Barb's pizza dough.


Kim made a killer home made pizza sauce.


Tried to set up the grill for maximum heat. We have been raising the grill with a couple of bricks on our past pizza cooks and it seems to work out well.



Cheese pizza assembled and finished.



Kim and my supreme pizza assembled, on the grill and finished. We pressed the dough just a little too big but it turned out fine.




Everything was really good, especially the crust. Thanks Barb!

As always thanks for looking! I hope I posted this correctly. Have a great week!
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3 pic pizza. Olive oil the top of the crust, pizza sauce, add Lot's of pepperoni, Artichoke hearts, black olive, whole button mushrooms and some cheeeeeeese.:cool:



So easy a Cave man could do it.
Off to a great start, we've seen so many great pizzas in the last few years or so. I think this should generate a lot of entries, going to watch this closely.
Robert and Kim I love that combo pizza great job you two. Jeff you three are awesome . We are off to a good start but need more pizza makers to show us your stuff.
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Alfredo Pizza

Sorry about that. New here to photo's. Starting the sauce.

Going on the grill.

Proof it is a Weber. :)

Almost done.

Done and on the table.

All cut ready to eat. Yummmmmm! Love pizza on the grill.
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Pepperoni Pizza

Starting the sauce. Good assistants!

On the grill.

Getting there!

All done and on the table.

Sliced and ready to eat.

When I originally thought of the idea to grill a pizza my wife thought I was nuts. After we tried it, pizza just isn't the same unless we grill it. I have tried on the Weber kettle, but am not proficient on it to keep the temps up. Gassers for us. Don't laugh to hard at my set up. Just can't see spending mega $'s on a grill when these can be rehabbed for less $ than a new grill. Also this is getting rehabbed this spring. Maybe even this weekend. Parts aren't bad, but it is getting new and the redhead :redgenesis1: is getting these parts. Hope all of the pictures went through ok. This is the best site on the internet!!! Thanks Chris for all your hard work keeping it up!
Thank you! It is fun to get the whole family involved. Also the photo thing takes this "to a whole nutha level!" It is quite fun. Robert T and JeffG, you have some nice looking pies too!
Sausage Pizza with Smokey Tomato and Onion Sauce

Made dough

IMG_0811 by Dwain Pannell, on Flickr

IMG_0812 by Dwain Pannell, on Flickr

IMG_0818 by Dwain Pannell, on Flickr

IMG_0823 by Dwain Pannell, on Flickr

Made Sausage

IMG_0814 by Dwain Pannell, on Flickr

Made Smokey Tomato and Onion Sauce

IMG_0821 by Dwain Pannell, on Flickr

IMG_0822 by Dwain Pannell, on Flickr

Made Sausage Pizza with Smokey Tomato and Onion Sauce

[/url]IMG_0825 by Dwain Pannell, on Flickr

IMG_0826 by Dwain Pannell, on Flickr

IMG_0828 by Dwain Pannell, on Flickr
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