Throwdown #37: Meat and Three

Great cooks. Damn, I missed my chance. I smoked turkey breast with crispy redskins, bacon braised green beans, cornbread, and drunken apples on Sunday but didn't document it.
Here is my entry for Throwdown #37, Meat and 3. Going with Babyback Ribs, Campfire Beans from scratch, Scalloped Potatoes with Ham and Honey Curry-Glazed Squash. Everything done on either my WSM or Weber Kettles.

Couple of nice racks of Swift Babybacks. Seasoning is Simply Marvelous Cherry Rub.

Beans about 2 hours into the cook. Couple more hours to go.

Put together Scalloped Potatoes with ham cooked them on indirect for about 1 1/4 hours.

Ribs went 3 hours, no foil. Then I foiled them for a little over an hour. Here they are out of the foil and sauced with Ancho Cherry sauce.

Quartered a large acorn squash. After half hour on indirect began basting them with the honey/curry glaze. Cooked for another half hour.

Ribs done. Foiled and rested.

Beans about done. Took around 4 hours.

Potatoes done.

Sliced up the ribs.

The plate.

There we go, Meat and 3. A lot of work in this cook but it was well worth it and fun. Good luck everyone! Hope your weekend is going well.
Boudin stuffed meatloaf w/ Tasso Mac N' Cheese, Fried Okra, and COTC. (and cornbread)

After a miserable Saints loss, I gathered my ingredients for what I hoped would be a great cook.

Started with the meatloaf. Half and half ground chuck and pork. Added garlic, onion, red and green bell pepper, Parmesan cheese, 3 eggs, and a couple cups of Italian bread crumbs. Made a channel in the loaf pan added the boudin (casings removed). Put them in the WSM 14.5 at 300 degrees.

Once the meatloaf hit 100 IT. I started a full chimney of KBB. Lit the Gasser and cooked down the Tasso in butter in the Dutch Oven

Once the tasso cooked down, I added the milk and garlic and let that steep for awhile.

The chimney of KBB was ready and banked the whole chimney to one side. I placed the water soaked corn over the direct coals. I then started to bread my okra (flour, egg-wash, cornmeal). Once the corn husks had good color, I moved them indirect and started to heat up my oil for the okra.

Once at temp, I added the okra in small batches. You have to be quick over direct coals between batches or the oil will get too hot.

Once the okra was done, I put them in a paper towel lined foil pan and put on the warming rack of the gasser which was on low.

I added velveeta and fresh grated sharp cheddar to the dutch oven and simmered until it just started to get thick. I then added the elbow macaroni (only thing cooked indoors).

I then quickly prepared the Jiffy cornbread mix and put in the small cast iron pans.

I removed the corn. Spooned the macaroni into a skillet and covered with more sharp cheddar. I then put these both on the kettle and covered with the lid.

The meatloaf was reading 165; so I pulled it and let it rest.

The cornbread and Mac N' Cheese were ready about 15 minutes later.

Up-close shot of the the meatloaf where you can see the boudin center.

Plated pic

I really enjoyed this challenge, but it was a bit hectic trying to keep everything ready. I was planning it for a couple of days. Except for a few minor glitches, everything went pretty smooth. The meal was delicious! The mac N' cheese was the star of the plate though.
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Nice cooks everyone. I agree with you JPowers, this one was really a challenge, from coming up with three sides to making it all happen.

Good luck to everyone.
I just gotta say...

JPowers, your cafeteria plate, in my opinion, does not help your grade....

however, frying okra on a grill and making mac & cheese in a cast iron skillet ON A GRILL locks my vote on your entry.

congratulations to ALL entrants and GOOD LUCK!