Throwdown #33: Breakfast on the Grill


Chris Allingham

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Ryan P.K. has selected our next throwdown topic:

Breakfast on the Grill!

Show us how you make breakfast on your Weber grill or smoker. It can be an individual item or a complete meal, just show us how it's done using a Weber! Ryan is looking for some new breakfast ideas, so please overwhelm him with lots of great entries!

Let's run this throwdown until Sunday, April 10 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Good luck everyone!

P.S. Remember, don't be intimidated! This isn't a barbecue competition, it's just for fun and friendship! Try it, you'll like it! And make sure to see the simple throwdown rules.

P.S.S. Remember, only 10 photos for each entry! Photo collages (multiple photos grouped into a single file) are OK, but each photo in the collage counts towards the 10 photo limit.
I'm gonna have to pull the old Comal out of the rafters of my gazebo. Now if we can just get a break from the rain & wind
Breakfast for Lunch

I'll kick this one off while setting the bar low for finished photo quality :)

The potatoes had been on for about 45 minutes at this point, & think this is about 3/4# of bacon in a 12" skillet...for about 10 minutes.



I took 3 baked potatoes (fluffy insides) & cubed them up....... I took one pasilla pepper & divided it........ I emptied most of the bacon grease & fried up an onion, then 3/4 of the pasilla, & then the potatoes w/ garlic, salt, & pepper.

Then I took ~1 Tbsp bacon grease & put it in the 10" skillet, whipped up 4 eggs with nearly 1/4 cup of water (I thought I had 6 eggs but made do with 4). So ~1/4 onion, a broken up piece of crispy bacon, ~1/4 of a pasilla pepper (onion & pepper diced finer than my usual).

egg into the pan for a few minutes


There were 3 plates but this is the best pic unfortunately :)


My mom is in town for about a month, she's been living south of the equator. I'm still injured (probably for another month) but getting better.


Anyway, this turned out great, no ketchup was used :) I used more water than normal in the eggs, & they reminded me of egg foo young (good stuff!). I was happy when I successfully flipped the omlet.

Nice looking breakfast on the Q, but why does Mom have a tape measure on her right jean pocket?
Clint, great start but the pic of you and Mom is the best!


Thanks :)


Nice looking breakfast on the Q, but why does Mom have a tape measure on her right jean pocket?

I think she was looking to get some organizers to fit in my cabinets :) She'd just made it back from IKEA. She was "helping" me organize some stuff in the kitchen.......
Camping Biscuits and Gravy

Here's a camping favorite. I won't win any awards for high quality ingredients or fancy plated presentations. But it does taste good!

Need to start with the perfect sunrise...


Add canned biscuits to bake in the cast iron skillet...


When done, wrap biscuits in foil and cook up sausage. Just normal store bought stuff...


Add in gravy packet and some milk...


And it's ready to be served...


A great start to a glorious day at the lake!


St. Paddy's Day Leftovers

Ok, so here is my first ever Throwdown entry, so don't laugh too hard. I had some leftover Corned Beef and boiled Reds from St. Pats day, and some garlic mashed taters from the day before. So here's my take on Corned Beef Hash & Potato Pancakes. While the CI pans were heating up on the Genny, I mixed in an egg and some Wondra flour into the mashed potatoes as binder. Cut up the CB and Red potatoes and seasoned them w/Season salt & Pepper.

Everything in the CI pans on the Redhead getting happy!

Added a fried egg and plated

This was a real tasty breakfast and thanks for lookin.

WOW!!! Clint you sure did start this off the a fantastic looking breakfast. Just pass the plate this way please.:D
Doug, your plated shot is spot on. The way this comp is starting out its going to be a hard job picking the best. So far everyone is a winner.