There may be a "Weber pellet grill" by Oct 2019...well, read on

TonyS T-Bone

I stumbled across this the other day. The Original Spider-22. For $279, you can buy and easily install this "adapter" that turns any Original Series 22" Weber Kettle Grill into a pellet grill in seconds.

They have produced a video detailing the prototype. They raised over $70 grand on Kickstarter to start building the product. Say they will be ready in October.

I think this may get some attention.

Your thoughts?

Jason in CA

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There is someone in my area doing a similar thing. I don't have one and don't know anyone that does. So I really have no idea how well it works.

The one you found is a bit less experience. But if either one actually works good then I suppose it's a good way to go to get a pellet grill for under $500.

My first thought would be the size limit of the 22 kettle. But if you put some kind of rack in it you could easily get quite a bit of meat in a kettle.

Jon Tofte

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I think it is an interesting product. Rec Tec has a pellet grill model that looks like a kettle grill. There are some questions about its grease and ash management capabilities. I would want to know more about how that is handled with this add-on. Other question is can it get hot enough to grill burgers, steaks, etc.

I will check out the video.

Dwain Pannell

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The are a whole lot of kettles with the ash catcher ring and pan installed. In the video, they show a kettle with no ash catcher installed. I do not see how it can be used by simply removing the ash pan because the ring will inhibit the device from slipping into the ash exit slot. I personally would not want to have the task of removing and installing the ring depending on what configuration I want to cook with. The ash sweeping arm is a bear to remove and I am not sure repeatedly doing so wouldn’t shorten it’s life. If the idea is to remove the ash catch assembly altogether then no thanks.


I just saw the Spider-22 yesterday for the first time. I came here to see if anyone had used it or had any reviews. This whole pellet revolution appears to be in full swing and I know several of my friends swear by their pellet rigs. I don't have the cash or a patient enough wife to get a new SmokeFire (yet lol) but I do have multiple kettles so something like this could be pretty fantastic to make a dedicated pellet kettle, if it turns out that it works well.

Lew Newby

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Dwain, it's not for the Master Touch model. It's for the "Original series" model that I had 35 years ago..
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