The forgotten Weber Flame 27000 Fireplace/Fire Pit

Joshua O

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They definitely did. It is more than I want to pay for you as well, and definitely more than I want to travel through the bay area. Makes me wonder what kind of condition their flame is in if they even have one.

Dave in KC

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Ask to see a "real" picture of that Flame...that guy used my photo of my actual Flame, if in doubt check page 1 in this thread.

LOLOL! Jeff, you need to contact that guy and tell him you want a commision
sent to your Paypal when it sells.

Jeff MA

I wrote the seller, not sure if he got my humor or not-

Wondering if I get a cut of the sale when your Firepit sells as it's only fair since you used the actual picture of my Weber Flame...figure 15% might do the trick.


I not sure where I got the photo but will change it now. Never had a request like yours.


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Stefan H

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I got me one of these today. Not cheap but old Weber gear only shows up once a lifetime in my neck of the woods. And I personally have only seen one other one ever for sale. It is in great condition. However the cover is missing. The tank cover is still there. But also hardened and brittle.
Does anyone know about a generic fireplace cover that kind of fits? Original Weber covers are no longer available.

Stefan H

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I am having my cousin make me one. He owns a custom upholstery shop where he makes convertible tops. I'll let you know the cost and maybe he can make more.


I just found this and bought it. I'll let you know how it fits. The dimensions look right, "Guaranteed to fit stand-up fire pits 35.5" long x 35.5" wide x 35" high (14.5” square top)" and the Flame is 35-1/2 by 34-1/2 by 34-1/2 inches.
Alex, does this cover actually fit? I read some reviews that it actually is not as high as shown in the description.


Stefan H

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See posts #76-79. I think the company is Classic Accessories and you can score Weber tank cover for $10 on either ebay or amazon
Thanks Garret. Found the post. I have seen that cover on Amazon as well but some reviews indicate that it actually might not be as high as the description says.
There is also a similar ones in grey on ebay:|iid:1


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yah, I have been looking for a decent one around me for a couple years. I have come close a couple times, but not quite. They don't pop up all that often.

J Grotz

Given the completeness and condition, If it were near me, I would offer $300 and go as high as $350. DW has been wanting a firepit and loved the look when I showed her a Flame. I haven't seen one for sale within a 200 mile radius all year.

Dan Leighton

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My search is over. I just scored a Natural Gas Flame in excellent condition. One 2" scrape on the edge of the top due to a falling tiki torch. I'd been looking for one for several years, but wanted the Natural Gas version. Found one on CL within driving range. Disassembled and brought it home for $120.