The forgotten Weber Flame 27000 Fireplace/Fire Pit

Dave in KC

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I didn't even know I wanted one until I saw these threads.
BHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ain't that the truth for many Weber items and knockoff products.

The Flame, The Firepit, Lantern, various colors and models of Genesis' grills, various sizes and colors of kettles,
The Ribolater, The Sidekick, Grillgrates, rcplanebuyer items, Thermopen, Cajun Bandit doors, a million Harbor
Freight tools, DigiQ, on and on , it never stops. :D

Timothy F. Lewis

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When I picked up a $10.00 22” basic “well used” but stable kettle for dedicated Pizzaque duty it had one of those on it and the guy gave it to me. It’s pretty well weathered but, I have a cabinetmaker buddy I might see if we can duplicate the thing except making it a little larger for better pizza insertion and extraction. We shall see.

Tom Casey

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I loved this the moment I first saw it on the Weber website, but we were in a temporary residence and decided to get one when we got the new house--but too late...


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Picked up a used natural gas Weber Flame today. Owner was downsizing and let it go for $50. I'm stoked to have found one.

Mark Combs

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Bruce, sent you a msg thru the email link, but thought I would send a msg here. Let me know if you are still seeking a Flame, looking to get rid of mine.


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Looks a bit beat up, but if it is complete, I would give $50 for that right now. I have been looking for one for a while, but they are either missing parts, trashed or $200. I haven't seen one for sale near me for a couple months now.


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Yah, but It almost looks like those logs in the fireplace are real wood. Not the ceramic fake logs that come with the unit. I am wondering if they were actually burning real wood in that thing. If those logs are the originals, it might be missing one or two. $50 is hard to pass on, but check to see if any parts are missing if really interested in it.


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Joshua: Yah, that one looks in pretty good shape unless it is missing pieces. But, yah, that is about the price I have seen the few around here. Too much for my blood, as I really don't need one, I am content to sit and wait for the right deal to come along. I have found through my weber rehabbing that there are great deals out there if you are patient enough to wait them out.