Thanksgiving Day 24.5lb turkey+22.5"wsm



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Did a dry brine and let it set overnight in the fridge uncovered overnight. Used Meathead's Simon and Garfunkel rub + fresh mashed garlic and EVOO. Injected the breast with butter and Knorr chicken stock.

On the 22.5"wsm with some Hickory wood for smoke. Gravy tray on bottom rack.

Wsm ran between 275 ° - 300 ° the whole time. 6hrs later it was done!

Turned out very good and juicy. One of my better turkeys I've smoked. The gravy way spot on too!
Well another Thanksgiving come and go. I guess its time to start making preparations for next Thanksgiving!
Thanks for looking, see ya next cook!

Steve Porter

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Yum! I'm looking at your pictures the day after eating too much turkey and getting hungry all over again! Very nice looking bird!


That turkey was so big I'm starting to think you're trying to compensate for something else!? Looks dang good.

Luke P

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Turkey looks great! I used Meathead's rub and instructions and loved it.

Little man's got a lot of veggies on his plate. Good for him....or mommy that made his plate :D