SW Florida Pork Belly Question


Chuck L

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I am visiting my parents in SW Florida. Can anyone point me where to buy pork bellies in Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda, or even FT Myers? I live in Colorado and get them at Costco, but my brother said the Costco here doesn't carry it. I will call some butcher shops tomorrow, but thought someone here might know.
You didnt say if you were driving and I know its a long drive BUT if you are driving, why not buy it in CO, freeze it then put it in a cooler with ice and let it thaw on the way there. Two days it'll in all likelihood still be frozen.

Flying, not practical to do this.

Just a thought.

IF you are flying, there is a Chinese supermarket in Ft Myers that may carry them
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Thanks Len,
I flew and I’m already here. I’ll check that place if the butcher in Pt Charlotte doesn’t have them.
Sometimes you find sliced pork belly at Costco but not whole pork belly. If you see sliced, you can ask for whole.
Thanks guys. Sam’s and Costco did not have them, but turns out Publix here in Port Charlotte had a nice fresh cryovac. Found a local butcher that had them also, but only frozen, and they were out of stock. That Leaf Asian market in Ft Myers also had fresh, but I found them closer to where I am.
It has been a good trip so far. I smoked ribs and a brisket, made 10 lbs of hot Italian sausage and stuffed it yesterday, mixed up 12 lbs of meat for meat sticks which I will stuff tomorrow, and found the pork belly to get my brother started making bacon.
Thanks again,