Summit Kamado: Not Golf Ball Proof



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Oh No!!! Sorry! I'm guessing you live on a golf course?

I know that hurts to see, but at least the enamel didn't crack so it shouldn't affect the performance, right? Still sad though....
Probably should leave the grill at home when playing your round. Do you really need to have the grill with you as you play the back nine?

You might want to try the cold spray trick to pop that out. It works pretty well to unding car fenders. Look on YouTube for instructions.

Darryl - swazies

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1. I didn't know Chris had a WSK
2. I didn't know Chris lived on a golf course
I second this........
His videos appeared as it could have been a golf course...his last one anyways.
More important.....I also had no idea he was killing it with an E6.......

Chris Allingham

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I also had no idea he was killing it with an E6.......
Mine is a 2016 Weber Summit Charcoal Grilling Center. Differences between it and the Kamado S6 include a solid metal storage surface on the bottom right half of the grill cart, a plastic charcoal storage bin with handles and charcoal scoop, a hinged diffuser plate with storage area, and a Summit logo that does not say "Kamado". :)

I've just rediscovered a bunch of unboxing photos that I took but never published. If I remember correctly, I thought I'd publish them but realized I was running a WSM website, not a Summit charcoal website and didn't do anything with them. Not sure they're of much interest anymore after sitting dormant for 6 years.




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