Steven Raichlen personal grills and smokers

Course, he doesn't use wood chunks in his WSM like we do, he had to use the Indonesian wood chunks, or whatever he called em.
I have watched his show on PBS and there is some interesting items he puts together. I have never seen his facebook thingy as i have never been on facebook,or any of the other chat sites.
I only read a couple BBQ sites as i get something from these that's worth my time. I also follow a little F1 racing. but that is not as interesting as it once was.

But this is one of the best information sites out there and some really talented people on here, that taught me a bunch of things that i use on every cook.

I would just like to say A Big Thank You to All.
I’ve seen those somewhere, can’t remember where or when, sorry.
I don’t Facebook, so, I didn’t look very closely at this but, I’ve seen a lot of his shows on PBS. His extravagant methods are fun to watch but, without a sponsor, I can’t feed that many grills let alone use the high grade products to put on them.
Wouldn't it be awesome to have his job?

I've always said that working as part of his filming crew would have to be one of the best jobs out there. He always makes a lot of whatever he is showing, much more than he could possibly eat all by himself, I'm sure once the lights and cameras are turned off it's time to eat!