Steak Night with Green Chile Au Gratin Potatoes



With steak we typically have baked potatoes, but I decided to do something different tonight. Green chile au gratin potatoes in the cast iron.

I made the sauce first. Diced onion cooked down in butter, added flour for roux, after it browned a bit I added milk and shredded cheese and stirred constantly until cheese was melted. Kept adding milk until it was a good slightly thick sauce similar to gravy.

Sliced 4 medium potatoes using the mandolin, peel on. Sprayed 10 inch cast iron skillet with olive oil then added a layer of sauce, then a layer of potato slices in a spiral layer, covered in a layer of sauce, then another layer of potatoes, and so on. Added some 505 green chiles on top.



Covered in foil and added to the Genesis at 400 degrees. Also added 3 sweet potatoes for baking. Took about 35 minutes for them all to be done.


Go full screen on the video and unmute it for sizzling sound. lol


In my 8 inch cast iron I did some cajun mushrooms and onions. Sliced portabellas, sliced vidalia onions, Louisiana hot sauce, Tony Cacheres, butter, and olive oil.


Added salad, steak, and baked sweet potato with a little stevia and cinnamon.



Normally I would have done this all on the Summit Kamado but I started the prep late and just fired up the Genesis and did it all on that. But, typically I like to smoke the potatoes at around 250-275 for closer to an hour or longer.

One of the best things about the potatoes is that if you scoop them out like a piece of cake, you get all the layers together and the texture is fantastic.


Can't complain about starting the weekend with this dinner.
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