Spirit II (Natural Gas) grill won't sear.... (warning: Manifesto!)

Nice that ACE took it back. It's one of the things you'd never see happen at a Home Depot or such.
It took some footwork. When I first went to Ace with the issue, they said I'd need to talk to Weber, and work it out with them. After Weber stopped being helpful, I went back to Ace and talked to the owner, and things started happening.
A day later - Weber also said they'd take the grill back.
It sounds like Weber’s stellar reputation of standing by their customers is still intact based on this happy ending.
I like how the new hood design is a combination of the 1000 Series hoods and the Genesis II hoods.
If you flip them over, the bars are thicker on one side. So they're kind of triangular in shape. So if you like thicker (or thinner) grill marks, these are grate!
Do they have the square tabs in the corners on the reverse side?