Spirit II (Natural Gas) grill won't sear.... (warning: Manifesto!)

Holy gas hog, Batman! This thing is HUGE.

Rob -- I think that grill is pretty much the same size as the 07-16 Genesis three burners (which I have). That has a lot of space for lots of food and lots of zoning.

You'll like it -- what you really were looking for all along was the additional sear burner.

Seems like the new Genesis is basically scrapping the Gen 2 line and reverting to the Gen 1s from 07-16?
The tabs circled in red above are on the "pointy-side-up" of the grates.

I can't tell from the pics if the "flat-side-up" side has the tabs to hold the grates.
Thanks Rob. Those pics are great.

They are clearly different than the originals on my E330. Looks like the two key differences are the raised tabs on both sides so no matter which side is up the grate is at the same height and the cross bars are recessed on both sides which makes front-to-back cleaning easier and will allow food to slide front to back easier with less chance of catching on the cross bar.
Rob, how did you find the Genesis 2022 Sear?

Currently tossing up between a Genesis 2022 or Spirit Connect (they come with a sear zone now), or a Napoleon with IR sear.

Bit hesitant with the Weber due to time and amount of gas it'll consume.
IMO grab the Napoleon. From my hands on looking at them all it looks to be far better made product. Or if you don't need a rotisserie burner (a must if you plan to spin food with a N/S burner grill) then save a ton of money and have a look at the Sam's Club Member's Mark Pro. If I were buying a new grill today it's likely what I would buy
Hmm, I'm in Australia and unfortunately can only get either a runout Lex or a Rogue.

Any idea on the quality?
The Rogue I believe still has the cast aluminum fire box and IR side burner. From the FB group people seem to like it. I think the Lex was the precursor to the Prestige and is not for sale any more.