SNS sale


Pat G

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We need a pic of that 400#, LOL:

Most of it is hidden away under a large table in my garage. I still have about half of this Weber charcoal left. I found this for $6 a bag a couple of years ago. I have a hard time using this stuff, I like it so much. I have a good stash of KB Pro and Cowboy briquettes, that's what I usually use.

Weber Charcoal.jpg

Jason Godard

My SnS just came in. Impressed with the build quality, as it is heavier steel than I expected.


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Jason Godard

Here it is compared to my bro ‘n sear. The sides go right up to the grill grate. Can’t wait to try it out.


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Jon Tofte

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I received mine as well today. Package was a little damaged, but the FedEx lady had me open it and inspect. As noted by Jason, it is heavy gauge stainless. It was fine. So now I have a regular one and this premium one to keep my two workhorse kettles busy at my next bbq. Just need one more of the KillaGrilla THICK stainless grates with the large, one side fold-up. They are the perfect match with a SNS.

Thanks G Mouser for posting about this sale!