Smoker Baskets



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Anyone use one of those smoker baskets full of chips or small chunks on your smoker? I've always tossed them on edge of lit charcoal but burn times are fairly short. Sometimes they don't light at all if the fire moves away from them. Was wondering if you used the basket on edge of lit charcoal whether you could better control burn and length of burn better. Thanks.
Never really had any luck with chips, smoke a lot, but burn out quick. I usually use golf ball sized chunks and have had decent luck, but they are usually done with after about 30 minutes. Snagged a cheapie smoker basket today at HD and going to give it a try. Fill it with chips or small chunks and place one end on the lit coals. See how long it lasts, a bit more control of where everything is. It doesn't work I'm only out $15 for the experiment. Plus going to start looking for source of larger chunks to extend smoke times. Sure I can find some local. Thanks again for all replies.
Will have a look there Richard....thanks. Local big box stores have the chunks, but they are usually on the small side. I'll check them out and see what shakes out.
I use chips in a smoke tube and get 2 to 4 hours. I like pecan mixed with post oak for beef.
I use chips in a smoke tube and get 2 to 4 hours. I like pecan mixed with post oak for beef.

Do you usually use the tube smokers for things like cooking reverse sear meats that take a while, or do you ever use it to do ribs on a gasser?
I like using chunk hardwood for my smokes.
The chunk wood I get from Home Depot works well enough when I’m at our summer house up north.
The wood I trimmed off of my fruit trees in California works fine too and it is free.
I have never ordered any wood on the internet but I hear that they sell a good product. I just don’t want to pay for something if I don’t have too.

For smoke tubes I find hickory pellets work great for my needs.
Those big sacks of pellets last a long time too.
I like smoke tubes with pellets for fish or cream cheese.
I find that chips burn too fast and are more of a pain for me anyway.
We keep about every different kind of fuel at our summer place and even have a few bags of chips that the wife got by mistake.
Wood chips work ok in my vertical smoker I guess but are not my first choice.
I don’t much care for them because I have to do extra work to keep a lower temp.
They seem to like to ignite/spike the temps and burn out faster than the rest of my smoke woods.
If you are talking about something like the A-Maze-N smoker (tube or box) you will likely get much better results using pellets as opposed to chips or chunks. That's what they were designed to use.