Rotisserie to fit 22 inch Kettle and Silver A



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I have had a 22 inch kettle for the last 15 years and always thought about getting a rotisserie.
I recently acquired a 2001 silver A which has replaced my Q2200 as my main gas cooker

Would the Kettle Rotisserie unit and rod be interchangeable with the Silver A?
The silver A cookbox measures 24 inches across so I imagine it might be tight

The motor will be interchangeable, but it's the spit rod that might be a problem. The grooves have to be in the right place for both ketlle and Silver...the spacing is different. If you are buying a complete roti setup make sure the spit will accomodate both. Some people make do by grinding a groove in the right place in thejr existing rod.

Beware that some aftermarket motors may not fit the Weber bracket.
Thanks Ed, if I had to choose between the 2 for a Roti setup which do you think would be used the most ? or get the better results ?
Beyond a shadow of doubt the gasser. You give up some of the flavor of charcoal but gain much more in convenience and ease of use. That's just my opinion. I have both a kettle and a gasser roti and even bought a roti for my BGE but the one I use the most by a wide margin is the gasser. It's just too easy.
My silver B is my rotisserie cooker now and I run it with the center burner off, so a Silver A would do well I think.

I went with an onlyfire from Amazon warehouse. I'm guessing they have a model for the silver A.
The great thing about East West burners on best burners on a gas grill with the rotisserie as you can use the front or the back or both. It makes it real easy to dial in the temperature.
My Gen 2000 is my only roti grill, like Bruce said super easy and with the deep box you can accommodate some larger cooks.
0B14B934-8DA9-4A0B-B4E3-0D6EC7FA9081.jpegI’ve got rotisserie units for both the kettle and the gasser. I’ve done some massive kettle spun feasts, I’ve been known to make a double deck cooking area

I use the kettle five to one for spinning, that way I can do other things on the gasser or use that for a “serving area”.
I would get the set up for the kettle and try to find a spit rod for the gasser.
I find the cleanup on the kettle is a little easier, not a lot but when you’re as lazy as I am, every beer counts!
Consequently, I’m throwing the proverbial wrench in the works. Sorry, that’s just my (primarily kettle user) opinion.
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I have had a 22 inch kettle for the last 15 years and always thought about getting a rotisserie.
I have the excellent Cajun Bandit Stainless Steel Rotisserie Kit for my 22" Weber Performer Deluxe and set-up takes around 15 minutes and also easy clean-up.