Rotisserie Motor Replacement - Weber 2290 - 22" Kettle

David Purvis

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Had storage room fire.
Two rotisserie motors didn't fair too well.
My local Weber dealer only sells the complete Weber 2290 Ring, Split & motor.
Any tips where to find a replacement?

Thanks guys.

Timothy F. Lewis

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Richard Garcia has mentioned he has had excellent service from the people at One Grill. I know there are others that have had good luck with them too! That’s where I’d start.
I received prompt and excellent customer service from Brian at " as my One Grill Electric Motor was smashed in transit and I was sent a replacement in a couple of days without having to return the damaged motor.

You can also buy this same motor from Chris Perres at CajunBandit.Com who also gives excellent customer Service with their quality products. I recently purchased the Stainless Steel Cajun Bandit Rotisserie Kit for my 22" Weber Performer Deluxe.

Oh, CajunBandit.Com now has a 10% Promotion Discount on their entire inventory until 10/31/20.

I recently purchased the One Grill Electric Rotisserie Motor from One Grill.Com and the One Grill Battery Rotisserie Motor which came with the Cajun Bandit Rotisserie Kit from CajunBandit.Com which are both quality product(s). Oh, please note that these Rotisserie Motors are manufactured in Taiwan, China and not the Mainland China which speaks to the excellent quality.


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J Grotz

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In prior rotisserie threads, there was discussion about battery operated vs. corded OnlyFire rotisserie motors. For future reference, I think OnlyFire means it about the 20lb load rating on the cordless unit. While looking for rotisserie turkey ideas, I came across this video of a 22lb turkey on the OnlyFire cordless unit. You can hear it struggling. That can't be good for the longevity of the motor.



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A lot of it has to do with the balance on the skewer. You can see the bird shift on every rotation at the same point. If the griller would adjust the counterbalance to even out the load, it would be a big help. I have a roto on my Genesis gas grill and have done a couple 16 lb turkeys that did just fine. I would not hesitate to put a 20 lber on there. I am using the OEM Weber roto #9891.
My Cajun Bandit Rotisserie Kit is fitted with a "One Grill" Corded Rotisserie Motor in which I plan to do a small Turkey Breast for Thanksgiving on my Weber Performer Deluxe. The Two(2) Rotisserie Motors in the photo are electric and battery operated motors in which I think the Electric can handle a twenty-five(25) lb piece of meat very easily but which I have never done.


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