Ring door bell camera

You will probably need to get a new door bell transformer. Most of the ones in houses don't put out enough to power a video doorbell. The transformer isn't a lot of money but it may be located in a hard to get to spot in your attic someplace.
I have had one for bout a year. Pretty crippled without the subscription. App pushes products.

I do not have the subscription so about all I can do is get a motion alarm and turn in the camera to see what’s going on. It does this remotely as well but that’s about it.
I've got a Eufy and we really like it. No subscription and it is battery powered. We need to remove it every 4-6 months for a few hours to charge. There are a lot of sales, and I would imagine they will be on sale this week during whatever event Amazon keeps reminding me about.
Have had a Ring doorbell and security system for 3 years. You can get the rechargeable one which for us goes 2 months between charging.
I pay $100/ year for monitoring under my original plan. It's an excellent system and works flawlessly.
It works great as a door bell with video. I don't subscribe to save video, it's only a few bucks but I have a dedicated camera system to handle that.
I have RING Pro V2. Honestly it's REALLY good. But, like said earlier without subscription it's kinda crippled. But the subscription is not much. Pretty rare to not have the transformer work properly. Mine did and my house is over 40 yo. The wires hook right up and you're off to the races. IDK what was meant by app "pushing a lot of products". I get none of that. The app just "works". Now, the only downside is, it's not instantaneous response. But it is VERY handy and I have used it plenty to repel nuisance people (sales, LDS pushers, what have you). It's also saved me from porch pirates and so on. I honestly highly recommend it.
I also have a Google battery doorbell on my back door. Bought this as it was on sale at Best Buy this past summer with a Google Nest Home device. Highly NOT recommended. Nothing but grief with it. A lot of this due to battery issues in the cold. Seems Google does not support the device (even if hooked up to your powered doorbell) for temps under 25 deg F. Well guess what we have A LOT of in the upper midwest? Google rep told me I should not have even been allowed to buy it! Yet they sell it through a Minnesota based retailer!
Bottom line Google = Garbage
WYZE makes one as well. Cheap. but, not impressed with WYZE stuff except for how cheap they are to buy.
I have an Arlo doorbell and camera system. You have a choice of local or cloud storage at a subscription price of $10 per month ($3/month if you just have one device). Subscription is pretty much a waste of money as nobody monitors it-it is just storage and a couple minor features. The doorbell is hard wired to your existing doorbell wiring, so no need to recharge. for local storage, you need to buy a hub from them and use either a hard drive or thumb drive for storage. You can add all your cameras to the hub and control from the app. All in all, not a bad system. You can automate it or turn on/off manually. Your regular doorbell rings and you also get a phone notification. You can see and talk with them on the phone.

The down side is that you can only view live feed when away from home. Viewing recordings requires you to be on your home network. You can remotely view stored recordings if you set up a VPN and jump thru some hoops. The app is not very intuitive and requires some web time to figure it out. Once you get it set up, it works pretty well. The cameras and doorbell integrate on the hub and the cameras behave well. The doorbell has had a few issues from time to time, usually when they issue an update.

If you are going to add cameras in the future, this is a good choice. If it is doorbell only, there are others to consider at lower cost. My daughter has a Blink and is happy.
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We hardwired a Ring doorbell camera a while back and signed up for the notification service.

My wife and I are both happy with it so far.

I also purchased the doorbell chime since the hardwired ring would not work with our doorbell.

Have had and used a Ring Pro doorbell since it came out. And with a paid subscription to monitor as we also have inside cameras.

I am moving to a Reolink system with exterior cameras and doorbell and a local video recording station to get out of subscription costs and more video security.

Ring makes a decent entry level solution. And they do well selling it. Their service is very good too. You just have to be comfortable with your actual videos being in someone else’s hands.
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We got a Ring doorbell to integrate with our Blink camera/hub setup. It is hardwired to the old doorbell to ring the chime - works just fine.
I have a Ring Pro V2 in front, the Google POC one on my back deck door, and then a few WYZE cameras scattered around. If we weren't so close to such a crime ridden town like Rockford IL I would not bother with any of it. But, there have been some rotten looking people that seem to be "lost" around our peaceful little burg. Definitely can't leave the keys in the car or the house unlocked anymore.
I got the Ring Pro2 and Pro Chime on Amazon Prime day for $100 off. It gives me the view I want with the angle mount and the resolution is amazing. I get get a warning as soon as someone starts walking up to my house and no false triggers. Thanks for the input from all of you.
I got the Ring Pro2 and Pro Chime on Amazon Prime day for $100 off. It gives me the view I want with the angle mount and the resolution is amazing. I get get a warning as soon as someone starts walking up to my house and no false triggers. Thanks for the input from all of you.
No chime, but it's the one I bought. Sadly though now, many delivery people (Amazon especially) have a device that foils the cameras). Truly pi$$es me off. As I've missed deliveries due to that