Question about Char Q stand


Mike - LA

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Seller states this stand is for a Q 100 & 120. Doesn’t know if it works with the char q. Anybody here know if it’ll work with my char q? 2E13C272-8EBD-451A-9292-4F77E0923E6B.jpeg


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Yah, I am unfamiliar with that stand as well. But if it fits a Q100/120, it should fit the Charq.


I'm sure someone a lot more knowledgeable than me will chime in.
If it will work, it looks a lot more sturdy than the fold up carts with wheels.

Pat G

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Those legs look very similar to the legs on my Weber table for the JJ. It definitely looks way more study than the foldable Q tables.


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One caveat is that there is a difference between the legs on the 200 vs 2000 and 2200. The 200 will not work on the newer collapable stands due to the difference in the frame legs. The same could be true with this stand.