Q2400 electric


Ryan Burke

So between selling our house and our next one being built I will be moving into a apartment for just under a year. They don't allow gas or charcoal grills on the balcony. Was thinking about getting one of the Q electrics. Anyone have any experience with them? I searched the forums but did not find much. Just wondering if it is worth spending the $400 on or should I just wait.
I have used and rehabbed several Weber Q electric grills. They work quite well. The only real downside I see is that they don't heat up real fast. They get plenty hot, but take a while to get there.
Personally, I would look on FB MP and CL and try to score a used one for around $100 or less.
I think Timothy has a good idea with the George Foreman. Obviously only for very basic grilling, but they are cheap and actually work quite well. And you would still have an easy small travel grill to still use.

As Bruce suggests, scout the used market. Sometimes electric Qs but also eject Charbroil and all kinds of Foreman grills will pop up at great deals.
My good friend has one as his only grill for the same reason as you. When I go to his place or my parents place where my dad cooks on propane I can’t tell the difference in final product.
Unless you are using wood with smoke on the gas grill, it is probably a good thing there is no difference in taste. I don't think any form of "taste" from using gas would be a good thing.