Q Tri Tip a la Phil Hartcher


Rich G

TVWBB Honor Circle
When I first picked up my Q, I did a bunch of reading to try to get a feel for how to cook on this grill. By far, the works of Phil Hartcher from Australia were the best resource, and I climbed the learning curve quickly with his guidance. Tonight, I did my first indirect cook on the Q using my version of the Weber Trivet (which, if it was ever sold here in the US, was discontinued long ago.....) Anyway, I found a quarter sheet pan sized rack, and used some foil with holes below. Pre-heated the Q, added my trivet, and dialed it down to Medium, which settled in at 360-380.

Tri tip just on (with a couple of therms to keep an eye on things):


After it hit 124 internal, I pulled it, fired the Q to high for 5 minutes, then onto the searing phase (TT rose to 127 internal in this time.....):


....and sliced on my plate with a steamed artichoke w/mayo:


This was a very easy cook (with Phil's words to guide me), and turned out well. The TT was more rare than it shows in the picture, and was plenty juicy with a nice crust. This was just what I needed for a quick weeknight grill session, when there was enough other stuff going on that fussing with the charcoal didn't seem like as much fun as usual.

Q on folks!

Thanks for sharing Rich, that TT looks great. I'm going to read some of Phil's stuff too. My Q is new to me and I want to get the most out of it.
Thanks, Pat. He put together a Q cooking guide in .pdf, which you should be able to find with some Googling. If you can’t, PM me and I’ll locate it for you. Good stuff!

Nicely done tri-tip, Rich. Your plate, tri-tip and the artichoke has to be a little bit of heaven.

Yeah... gassers are handy sometimes. I do hot dogs for lunch on mine every once in a while. They are real good in a boillo roll with mayo, dijon, sweet relish, ketchup and a beer.