Pulled Pork in MiniWSM from Italy


Daniele Faresin

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Hello to all.
A few months ago I turned my Smokey Joe in MiniWSM following the posts found in this forum.
I found it very comfortable for smoking, certainly with its limitations.
Here are some images of a Pulled Pork that I smoked for 15 hours at 220°F with 4 supplies of Kingsford briquettes.

14 pounds of pork shoulder, 20-hour in brine with rub, hickory smoked, no foil

Daniele from Vicenza - Italy







Welcome to the site Daniele...
Nice mini WSM you build..
Nice bark and pulled pork looks delicious!!!....:)
Danielle that looks superb, well done.
I was stationed in Vicenza for one and a half years, Conserma Ederle. One of the most beautiful areas in the world. Loved it.
@Tony: thanks. I'm so pleased :D

@Bill: thanks. I know Ederle very well. I went to Ederle also this July 4th for USA Independence Day fest. Great :D
Yes, Vicenza is beautiful.
That's a great lookin set-up you've created, Daniele! And the 14# of pork looks as good. Welcome to the Forum.
Nice cook. In the mid 90s I was stationed in Aviano not far from you. I still miss the neighborhood butcher and cheese shops. Glad to have you aboard.
Welcome! Love that cooker..And its been proved that you can pull of some high end PP on it aswell.