Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks

Bryan Mayland

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It looks to me like you might be getting some air leakage so every time the fan kicks in it overshoots. The smoker sort of maintained its own temperature for the first 5 hours and took almost 2 hours to come down to temperature after a small burst of air at 2am. Here's my 11lb (96lb after trimming) brisket I made last week. It's not great control (my felt seal needed to be replaced like 2 years ago and I still haven't done it), but you can see the HeaterMeter is doing a lot more control and a lot less 0% output waiting for the temps to come down.

The white filled area is the servo, and the fan (blue filled area) only ran a few times during the whole cook. The dip around 9am was "Ramp Mode" kicking in and starting to auto-lower the pit temp. I usually turn that on when I go to sleep just in case things happen really fast at night.

Dave B.

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That makes sense, especially since it really became an issue after I opened the lid to move the probe. It wouldn’t surprise me- besides the hinge, it’s a stock WSM with no seals or anything else.

I definitely have to improve the air vents- currently using the doggie bowl method, which I can’t get tight enough and I’m sure prone to leaks (in addition to a surely leaky lid)

Tom O.

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There is a lot of grease released when you smoke a brisket. The grease was already in the smoker and after you wrapped it you let in lots of air. I sometimes see variations like that when I get mini-grease fires peaking the temps at intervals like that.



8 LB. Picnic on my mini gravity feed. 15 CFM Adapt-a-Damper, fan only, Damper closed ~75%, with stock PIDs. Regular Adapt-a-Damper or RD3 would probably do the same.


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Michel Kraaij

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First test-run! Ofcourse I overshot when firing up. But since there was no meat on the place i didn't mind. I've lowered the startup max to 60%. Lets see how that works next time. This experiment is to figure out how everything works and to testrun my GrillEye Pro probe (Probe 1) in combination with the HeaterMeter.

10:40: Tried different settings (creating a nice heartbeat :D)
11:23: Discovered an airleak (I noticed the temperature rising with the servo valve closed. Bottom vent wasn't entirely closed)
11:57: Closed down the top vent even more to make the temperature drop.

At that point I saw the HeaterMeter come in action!

I guess the GrillEye Pro probe (set to the ThermoWorks preset) is 'acceptable'. If anyone has the coëfficiënt settings for this probe, please let me know.


Oh, and the weather I'm testing in.... it's poaring rain! :ROFLMAO:
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Michel Kraaij

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Preparing chicken on the Bastard!

First hour slow cooking (approx 110°C/230°F) until coretemp 73°C/164°F . Next 15 mins grilling at higher temps (with lid open/closed). And lastly firing up big-time to clean up: 451°C/ 844°F.

I love playing with fire!


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Setting up to smoke 2 packer briskets (they'll be going on around 6:00 PM or so,) for dinner tomorrow for the local first responders. One of the EMTs here in town has a restaurant & a catering business, when I asked him about doing something like this, he offered to kick in sides. I'm down with that. I'll add pics as appropriate.