Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks


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I followed those steps exactly. It worked perfectly on my work bench a few weeks ago and I just now got around to cooking with it. Today the servo sits and does nothing or vibrates. It moves intermittently but I didn't want it to fail closed and choke my fire. I disconnected the ring from the RD3 and am hand tuning it like a damper door for this cook. Basically I just set it to somewhere between an 1/8 to 1/4 open and left it. I should have bought the 4 pack of servos but It wasn't in the basically $0 budget.

John Bostwick

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Smoker- very large gravity feed smoker
Blower 28cfm rotordamper RD25
Stock PID settings
Meat 14 pounds of Pork Butts, a snack

I had some issues with my router so I have already been smoking 6 hours, but as you can see from the straight line, there has not been anything to see, lol and that's good

Sam Stein

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first cook with the fan / servo, did chicken thighs b4 the brisket
then covered the left over coal and set it up for smoking....

bge / hm 4.3 / pi 3 b+ / adapt a damper
14 pound brisket

default settings from the hm install, do they look close?

thanks, sam
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Lessee if I can get this to work....

SmokerBuilder's double pan gravity fed, similar to wbegg's above, but about 1/3 bigger. 3 15lb full packer briskets running overnight tonight.
URL is active again.

Tonight is 2 full briskets and 2 pork butts. Putting 4 chickens on tomorrow morning. All of this is for a wedding rehearsal dinner tomorrow night (coworker's daughter.)


I've got a 12lb pork shoulder on for an overnight cook. It's about -1C outside ( 30F ) and a bit breezy.

I'm trying to use the offset damper in damper only mode, with the damper fully open at 40% and fan on at 45%

About 1:30am I changed the fully open on the servo to 25% and changed the fan "on above" to 27% and it seems to be working better.
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