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  • Hey John, any chance you have any switches for the 4.2 heatermeter left? Can't find anywhere to get them.
    Hi John,. I have a 4.2.4 board but am not able to find the standard tactile switch. I saw a post where you had many extras? If this is the case would I be able to buy one?
    Hi. I’m looking at getting one of your boards. You have them complete? How much? Also I’m trying to find a wiring diagram and can’t seem to locate one with instructions. I have a 4.3 with a thermocouple.
    Hey John,
    Do you sell fully built heatermeters? I've been looking at ATCs and like what I see regarding heatermeters, just don't have the tools to build myself.
    Hey John, so just let me know what shipping would be to 48152, and how to send you the cash. I'm thinking PayPal, but just let me know. Also, if you have a little more info on the switch you mentioned it would be great, otherwise I'm sure I can find something about in on the website.

    Thanks, Ben
    Hey John, if your still making the PCB's for the toyo damper I'd love to buy one best regards,
    John has helped me greatly with my Heatermeter, he built it for me and also helped me with the many issues I had along the way! Thanks John! He truly is an asset to this forum!!!
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