Post-Thanksgiving rib roast


Brad Olson

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A couple of days after Thanksgiving I was in the store and saw choice rib roasts for $6.99/lb, and being in a vulnerable state after several days of poultry I asked for an untrimmed, 3-bone roast.

The next day I started by separating the ribs so that I could season (salt, pepper, oregano) between them and the meat.

Because the roast wasn't trimmed it had a decent (not quite as thick as I would've liked, but acceptable) fat cap, which I hinged back for seasoning purposes.

I rotisseried it over Royal Oak Chef Select briquettes and a small amount of oak in the hot-cold-hot configuration. Because one of the people who'd be eating it likes his meat a little more done, I ran the spit parallel to the ribs so that the long sides would be more exposed to the fire. Otherwise, I usually run the spit perpendicular to the ribs so that they and the fat cap get the heat.

I can't remember what the internal temp was when I pulled it off the grill, but obviously it wasn't too high.;) Along with mashed potatoes, doctored jar gravy and mushroom it made for a nice Sunday supper.

And the leftovers made for great open-face beef sandwiches (aka "manhattans" in parts of the Midwest) later on!


Rich G

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One of my favorite meals, though I've never spun one (tradition.....) Looks like maybe 125'ish on the finish temp. :)

Guess the guy in the photo developing hut down at the mall finally found your double 4x6 envelope!


Brad Olson

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If only it was that easy these days...most Walgreenses have shut down their labs!

I wonder how many people here have not ever seen a "photo hut", or maybe never even heard of them!
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