Pork tenderloin



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Pork tenderloin has to be one of my favorite easy cooks. Good weeknight meal too. I've done them a few ways, grilled direct, grilled indirect, smoked, and on a rotisserie. I've decided I like grilling indirect best, and I've found it's really important to make sure you don't over cook it (it'll dry out). Bank the coals on one side of the kettle, let the cooker come up to ~400*F. Season the tenderloin to you liking (this last one I rubbed with olive oil and then seasoned with Dizzy Pig Raging River), put it on the grill opposite the cooker. When it hits 145*F either take it off and wrap in foil to rest for a few minutes, or move it directly over the top of the coals to give it some sear/grill marks, then wrap in foil and let it rest.

I cooked this one earlier this week, got home at 6pm, and dinner on the plate just before 7. Mashed potatoes and broccoli on the side.

Looks great! Just try to avoid the pre-marinated ones. While they're more convenient, most have way more sodium than anyone should have in one meal and lord knows how many other preservatives and crap you don't want. I always buy them unseasoned, but usually split them out (they usually come two to a pack), season (with my own homemade rubs), then individually vacuum seal them.
Chad is absolutely correct, no one with any sense of self preservation should use those saltblock things they sell. But, that’s MY opinion not gospel.
They taste of salt nothing much else, no actual porkiness to speak of from my experience.
Looks great, Dustin! One of my favorites, too, in fact, I've got a 2-pack in the fridge right now (dinner for tomorrow.) DP Raging River sounds like a good way to go, but I'm thinking Red Eye Express on mine.

Oh, and agree with you on the cook method, I always go indirect, then sear finish.

looks good - I have some in the frig for Easter Saturday lunch. I have always cooked direct, turned every 4-5 minutes, but your indirect sounds good.

When grilling indirect, do you turn? or just leave on grill and wait for temp to hit?
I turn and rotate every 6-8 minutes indirect to make sure that I am getting even heat to the tenderloin. I'll usually try to move to a new area of the grill too, to take advantage of hotter grates for some pre-sear crusting.

Looks good from here. Nice colour.

I really like that cut - we can get it from time to time at $2.98 a pound, there's little waste, it's tender (if not overcooked as Dustin_G mentions), it's lean, and lends itself to a lot of different seasoning.

I'm looking forward to getting a rotisserie ring soon for the WSM and JJ; and think pork tenderloin with jerk seasoning and turned in a basket might be tasty.
They are certainly a quick, go-to meal that always pleases. Yours certaily look moist and tender ! ! !

My family's favorite is when I stuff them with sausage and wrap them prosciutto. We call it the Pork Trifecta.

for the past couple of years I have been following alton browns recipe of super hot direct heat, rotating every minute until done. I may try indirect.