Pork Steaks on the WSM

Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
two quite large pork steaks marinated overnight in Fieri's Carolina #6 sauce then seasoned with BBQ3000

then placed on the 22" WSM

Apple & Hickory wood for smoke with a dome temp of 250ºF.
i found some fresh corn on the cob in the local grocery store's produce department YaY!
foiled it and added to the waterpan-less WSM

looked like it'd take the corn a while so i lowered everything to the lower grate...

after 2.5 hours total, the steaks were removed....

then served last night's dinner with the corn and some sweet potato tots

smeared a little aïoli on the corn.... great tasting corn
found in winter.

Thank you for stoppin' by! Happy Easter Everyone!

Tony R

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Excellent meal Jim... Pork steaks are perfect as usual. Drinking coke lime???... With a little rum??


TVWBB All-Star
Haven't tried any of Guy Fieri's products yet, but will look for them. Great cook Sir, and love the corn too.


Great looking plate Dr. Grill. Have you ever tried the Cuba corn with mayo & hot peppers powders/Parmesan/lime juice? It is to die for, especially on good fresh corn. I'm thinking you had to go lie down after eating that plate...................

Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
thanks guys:)
yes, david, i've eetin' corn almost everyway one can imagine... and haven't found one way i do not like.
I'm thinking you had to go lie down after eating that plate
for what? :rolleyes: you ain't seen me eet yet then...:cool:

Tony, DIET coke with lime AND rhum! ;)

Mike Willis

TVWBB All-Star
Jim, another great pork steak post! And as always, your pictures are perfect, but I'll bet everything tasted even better that the pictures suggest!

Mike Willis

TVWBB All-Star
Jim, when you marinate pork steaks like you did these, do you rinse the marinate off before you apply the rub, or do you leave the marinate on? I have one PS and several "pieces" of CSPRs in the smoker as we "speak"... my better half looked up rinsing or leaving marinate and the results came up split. I rinsed off the marinate we used for the PS, salted it and into the WSM it went... we figured it did it's job (it was an Italian vinaigrette dressing marinate). We figured it was best if we rinsed that type of marinate off....

Anyway, your thoughts??


Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Mike, i only rinse if using a brine.
Marinades here, do not get rinsed off. The meat may be patted dry, butt no rinsing the marinades.

Mike Willis

TVWBB All-Star
OK, thanks Jim! I figured the Fieri's Carolina #6 would be fine to leave on, I was just skeptical of the Italian thing we were doing, so we rinsed. As for the CSPRs, the package from Costco looked GREAT as far as the ribs on the top row of the package goes, but underneath the good-lookin' row Costco had put random-sized "chunks" of pork shoulder. This is the second time it's happened at this particular Costco... I'm startin' to get a bit ****ed with them. The skinny ones are out of the smoker and in a covered casserole dish in the oven at 170 degrees (with a bit of beer covering the bottom), the others are still in the WSM with the pork steak....

I wanted to go sauceless, but I might need some BBQ sauce to salvage the skinny ones....

Like I say... it's all good - a good lesson or good eats... sometimes both if your lucky!

Thanks Jim!