Pork butt in da fridge

Chip N

TVWBB Member
How long can i store a smoked butt in the fridge? I want to do 2 butts this weekend and i am waiting for vac bags to come in to freeze the left overs.

Jerry N.

TVWBB Emerald Member
A few days (3 to 4) is certainly okay, but the sooner the better. Obviously you can’t do this, but I’ll try to do my vacuum packing and freezing the next day. No good comes from it sitting in the fridge.

Lew Newby

TVWBB All-Star
An alternative is to put it in Ziplock bags and freeze it. Then when you get the vacuum bags you open the ziplock or remove the Ziplock bag, stick it in a vacuum bag, vacuum seal, and back in freezer still frozen.

Chip N

TVWBB Member
Thanks! Bags will be here late next week, i am just going to wait until Friday night to smoke them.