Pop-pop Fletch

I’m lucky to have become the default “Grandpa”.
I remember one time after the “kids birthday” party here my grandson was requested to say goodbye to his grandpa, he got a little teary and said “Why? I don’t want to go home yet!” It gave him great relief to find out that they meant to say goodbye to his other grandpa! My heart swelled that day!
And now the guy is 6’ tall and still gives the most rewarding hugs in the world.
Enjoy being a grandfather!
Who knows what my name will be but I'm becoming a Grandpa tomorrow :). This might force me to swap out pics of Chucky, occasionally.

Here's their dog Ollie waiting patiently at the crib:
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And reading a parenting book:
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And masking his anxiety:
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Congratulations Grandpa!
So glad to see that Ollie is preparing - no doubt they'll be the best of friends. :giggle:
Just don't swap out ALL the pics of Chucky.
Congratulations Grandpa, I remember when Barb and I became grandparents for the first time. Still gives me heartwarming feelings. Precise times for sure.
Now our granddaughter is 17 and our grandson is 15.
That’s pretty sweet Fletch, it’s took me a little while to get used to being a grandfather but, I would not have missed these kids for all the money in the world! Being a Grandpa is pretty cool!
Congratulations to you and your family, what a beautiful baby. I know my two grandkids give us lots of joy. But as always time flys our Granddaughter graduated from high school last Thursday.