Pizza question

J Grotz

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Has anyone used the Only Fire Stainless Steel Pizza Oven for 22" kettle? It's on sale for $150. I know many people love the original Kettle Pizza, but I'm turned off by the price, $450 for the full Serious Eats kit. The Only Fire appears to replicate the functionality of the KP SE kit at a much lower price point.

I posted this here because when I searched the subject, the grilling forum had the most pizza threads after the photo gallery. Thanks for your input.

Brad Olson

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It looks like the base has a hole in the center that gets covered by the stone:

Wouldn't that prevent smoke from getting to the pizza? For me one of the reasons to cook pizza on the grill is to get a touch of flavor from the fire.

J Grotz

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I think it has large vents in the back under which you're supposed to put the lit coals and wood.

Phil S

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Kit includes rotisserie kit(with 110v electric motor), rotisserie ring, thermometer, 15" round cordierite stone, pizza peel and 4 support chips.(used to support your cooking grate)

Richard in NS

Does that come with the roti as well? If so, great deal.

Jim, the Multi comes with the rotisserie/motor and the door to cover the pizza hole. Mine was just the pizza ring, peel and the clips to hold the grate. Wish they had of offered this Multi back then. The quality is good and I was pleased. I am going to try and modify mine to accept a rotisserie.