Oops. Picked up fresh Turkey. Now I have to cook it



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Costco had "fresh" turkeys, so I picked one up. Now I have to decide how I want to cook it.
Looked for turkey breast to do simple smoke/butter but no luck.

Should I bother to brine? It is one of those 4%. So I may dry brine before Thursday morning cook. Have pecan and cherry. Can gas, smoker, or oven, even tabletop roaster. Decisions. It is around 12 pounds so should finish okay.
Decisions decisions.
Cut up or whole?
What temp?
About how long?
All l want to do is spatch a turkey and have it done in half the time.
I have not used a bbq on a turkey ever but the way the spatch cook looks is amazing and I hear it takes a short amount of time.
I would presume the cooking temps would be 350 to 400 but again I have never done it.
I have a 19 pound frozen turkey I want to try this on with the E6 but it's not thanksgiving this week for me.
Welp, it's Wednesday evening, so not enough time for a traditional brine that would take 18-24 hours, plus another 12 or so to dry the skin back out. I like the idea of dry brining. Yes, spatchcock will go faster, but an un-stuffed bird doesn't really take all that long, and I do like a slow roasted bird. Not sure what you're going to use to cook, but FWIW, I tried something different last year. I did an hour on the Performer - charcoal baskets on either side with apple and cherry - cooked around 375. Then I moved it to the Genesis, where I can lock temps for hours with no fussing. It came out great and I was able to focus on sides, etc instead of worrying about fire/temp management and I still got that smoke-roasted flavor I wanted.
My plan so far, start on charcoal smoker with cherry pecan. Then maybe finish in oven or gasser. Or let it finish in smoker. Will go for 375. How long for unstuffed 12lb?
My plan so far, start on charcoal smoker with cherry pecan. Then maybe finish in oven or gasser. Or let it finish in smoker. Will go for 375. How long for unstuffed 12lb?

Hard to say - it's ready when it's ready. But here's a guide (granted, they are very wide ranges, so start checking temps at the early end of the range and pull when ready). Were it my 12lb turkey, I'd start checking at 2:30.

I am doing a spatchcock 16 pounder on the E6. Started dry brine yesterday. Cook temp is 300ish. Going to use foil balls to raise up the drip pan from the diffuser plate… more drippings for gravy.
I will only cook a turkey whole one way, and that'd deep frying it. Baking, roasting, grilling, smoking..... those all get spatchcocked or quartered. Broken down birds will cook in half of the time, and under the general assumption that the main heat source is below, the bones will protect from the direct heat, and the dark meat around the outside will slow down the white meat just a bit. The only thing I'm giving up is the Normal Rockwell presentation, and IMNSHO, I'll take better food over a pretty picture any day.
Well wish me luck I am going the spatchcock rout today going to cook in on the UDS smoker at 325 will check it after a few hours thinking 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours should do it. I have done a spatchcock chicken on the performer before but never a turkey. Mine is fresh from Costco also.
I am at 146 at 2 hours and 15 minutes for a 14 pounder so far going to plan figured 3 hours smoker is running about 345 so just left it there it will be pulled at 160 sit a half hour that should get it to 165 hate dried turkey. Probably going to cut the drumsticks off leave them on the smoker get to 170. Did spray it a few times with fake butter which I do for ribs gets the skin a darker color but for sure it won't be crispy ok with that.
I really wish I had tried Spatchcock Turkey years ago and won't be doing it any other way going forward came out fantastic total cook time for the breast was 2:45 minutes pulled at 164 and tented did cut the drumsticks off let them run another 15 minutes they were for sure not done when the breast needed to be pulled. All good guests happy not much left for leftovers unfortunately.
Deconstructed cooks faster, a little more work up front but make carving easier also.


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