NOS Galley Que on eBay


Bob Correll

R.I.P. 3/31/2022
Might be fun to watch this one. This morning the bid was at $505, now $860.
Crazy thing is, they only show the box, but state open box.

Crazy - $860 on Thursday, was $2850 on Friday and still - still $2850 this AM.

I'm with Tim & Rich, it's cool, but probably a few hundred dollars worth of cool, certainly not worth over $400 IMO. It's funny that price more than doubled after Bob posted it here. Maybe he needs a commision? Do we have a billionaire hiding amongst our ranks?? 🤣
I’m also very curious what person would pay that. What‘s the odds it’s a “corporate” purchase if you get my drift?
No, there are some very serious - and very well-healed kettle collectors out there. Some are from Australia. They are willing to shell it out for something unusually rare such as this. Don’t get me wrong, this is way crazy to me, even though I have collected a few much lesser kettles. The value of one’s not so nice and more common is harder to say. People will claim they are worth some price, but my experience is that in the more common league everyone wants to make their own barn find rather than pay for one ready to go.
I would probably drop up to maybe 7 on it and maybe 8 if it were blue, but not sure I would go much higher.

It’s hard to value old Weber’s. Most don’t post what they sell something for.