New Weber handle light accessory for 2020

Chris Allingham

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I'm told by those who've seen the Weber sales rep presentation that they're coming out with a new, cool looking handle light accessory for 2020.

Dan Leighton

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I hope it is better made than the three I have gone through (see my other thread). One just died and two have melted and ceased working. I've cannibalized two of them into one so I can change the battery out so I have one working, but doesn't look like it is long for the world.


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I guess I was hoping that it would be like the old style where was integrated right into the handle

J Grotz

Any update on the new grill light?

I just checked and the only light listed is the old one with more than twice the number of one star reviews as two through five stars combined.
Looks to be mostly plastic. I wonder if the top piece is plastic as well or stainless steel? Probably just chrome plated plastic is my guess.

Website description says batteries not included, wonder what size it takes?

Dan Leighton

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I have to agree with Bruce on this one! All mine have had motion sensing capability, but had issues with heat damage. Others have had moisture issues reflected in customer feedback on multiple sites. With all the Smokefire hype, I hope they don't forgot all the customers that keep them in business.
Amazon added some pictures of the new lights to product page. It's much bigger than I thought first looking at the initial pictures. Cool that it is detachable too.

And also, it takes 3 AAA batteries.

Looks like Amazon has a $0.78 off coupon going right now.... not much of a big savings
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Jon Tofte

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Looks like a nice potential upgrade for the old one on my Genesis Platinum. That one is the really old design and doesn’t work all that well. I like that it matches my Platinum, but this new one does even more.
I got one of these for $18 shipped. It arrived last night.
Seems like a solid light. There is a cover that covers the battery cover, so it’s probably pretty moisture resistant, but I wouldn’t go swimming with it.
Haven’t installed on my Genesis since it’s raining today, but it’s just a simple collar that screws onto handle, then the light slides on and off. It’s puts off decent light. I’ll post another update once it’s dry outside and I’ve got it on the grill.



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It would be nice if Weber would come up with brackets that fit the Genesis 1000's and Silver series grills as well...Especially since they are detachable.