New Q?

For a line of grills that just plain work, I am skeptical. But it has been a pretty good long run for the basic Q grill design.
I imagine it is going to wind up being a complicated electronic change that will increase the price as well. But, I guess Weber felt the need to update the design due to competition from others as well as their own Traveler line.
Speculation at this point. Odds are all they'll do is a slightly updated lid design, and change a couple logos and then up the price 25%. I mean how much can you do to a basic shell, a burner and a grate?
Looking at that "Qurious" teaser, I would say Larry is overall right. A different shaped hood and thermometer placement. Maybe some real improvement in the side shelves which would be welcome as long as the don't spoil the basics.
Yah, like don't mess with the cast aluminum lid or cook box. Maybe have a good solid SS alternative for the cooking grates and I agree, those side tables need to be beefed up a bit.
I like the way they made the video sound like a new car model but the let down was they didnt use the colored versions of the Q or a slightly better view of them.

"The new WEBER Q range of BBQs has arrived!

Featuring a sleek new look, increased lid height and cooking surface, plus improved ventilation that allows a full size hotplate! AND there's an additional model in the range that features a extra burner for a broader range of cooking temperatures. Love to cook low-and-slow? Now you can on the Weber Q!"

Looks like the biggest change is the option of a second burner on the mid sized Q, called the Q+, and a full sized griddle insert.

More details on the Weber Australia site

Looks mostly positive to me. It is still a Q but offers new styling and some improvements to the side tables and access to the grease pan. Both of those are welcome!